I discovered yoga as a student in 1992 and found the antidote to my always humming mind. Regular practice connects me to my authenticity, compassion, creativity, and joy.  It is a beloved moving meditation. I love sharing my passion for the practice and making yoga accessible for yogis with a wide range of mobility and experience. I have personally practiced yoga through a range of physical changes, injuries and fitness levels, including a weight gain and loss of over 100 pounds.  It’s not just a hashtag.  Yoga is truly for every body.   

I completed my 200  and 500 hour RYT certifications through Jennifer Prugh’s JOY of Yoga School of Integrative Learning with additional study in yin yoga and yoga for children.  Students can expect to reconnect with the breath, deepen their awareness of sensation, and celebrate making physical and mental space.

I substitute teach in multiple studios in the South Bay and see private and corporate clients.  Contact me if you are interested in working together. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook or join my mailing list to hear about opportunities to practice together in Los Gatos and San Jose.  

I hope to see you on the mat soon!



I'm attempting my third year of 60 conse


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Hi there, I'm Jen.

Home may be where the heart is, but I didn't always feel at home.  It can take a long time to figure out where you belong.  To find "your place in the family of things".  

For many years I tried to be good enough, to earn my place.  I was over-committed, lost in the pursuit of permission and perfection. I was busy searching outside of myself for the answers.  After earning my way to burnout numerous times, I found the practices of the wisdom traditions, discovering that what I was looking for externally was, in fact, an inside job.

The style of Feng Shui I practice traces its roots to Tibetan Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui.  Combining the traditional use of the forms and compass directions of the earth with the idea of conscious intent or blessing, it is the basis of most schools of Feng Shui in western culture.