The Best Worst Birthday

"I just wish I'd been able to adapt better"

Yesterday was my son's 12th birthday.

He'd planned to swim, go for his first solo go-cart drive, eat ice cream cake, and open gifts, but as we snuggled together on the sofa last night, he declared it had been his worst birthday.

  • he'd decided not to go-cart when his fear of trying something new kicked in

  • grey skies and drizzle didn't keep us out of the water, but shivering sent us home pretty quickly

  • indecisive about what he wanted as a gift, he procrastinated until the very last minute. I'd ordered one thing from Amazon so he'd have something to open day of--but our tangle with Elsa this week delayed shipping

By the time I found the small tick on his neck and a call with his California pediatrician confirmed we should go into urgent care to get a preventative dose of doxycycline, he was feeling disappointed in how his day was turning out, and he hadn't even tried to take the chalky, unflavored and unsweetened adult pills yet (welcome to 12!)

He just wanted to go home and play video games before dinner and cake.

I knew we needed to talk.

So last night we sunk into the sofa together, I rubbed his back, and then asked:

"There were lots of things outside of our control today, but could we have made different choices where we did have influence?"

And that's why I'm sharing this, because we're all just trying to adapt better.

  • To listen to ourselves attentively so we know what we really want

  • To not let fear and procrastination keep us from joy

  • To be flexible when things don't turn out exactly as we'd hoped

  • To swallow the bitter pills, without becoming bitter

The first day of twelve came with some big life lessons! (so I'm calling the worst birthday a big mom win).

There's patches of blue between the clouds this morning, and the go-cart track is calling.

Thank goodness life gives us so many opportunities to begin again.

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