Using Feng Shui to Make Space at Home

My guys share a small bedroom that easily gets overwhelming, especially given that my youngest loves to keep everything and stack it within arms reach. He loves and feels supported by abundance. My older son, not so much. He has a busy mind and finds too many things "speak" to him and can overwhelm him. But I've found they both enjoy a space more after I've cleaned and organized it. Youngest knows where all his treasures are, and oldest has some visual breathing room. As soon as I clear a space, they move into it and inhabit it more joyfully. It makes my inner feng shui practitioner very happy!

The energy of our homes speaks to us, and in the tradition of feng shui it influences our health and happiness. Energy, or chi, can become stuck and not serve us. Consider chi as a gently flowing stream that comes in through the front door and meanders through our homes. It becomes dammed and stagnant where there is excess clutter. Removing those things that don't bring us joy allows chi to move more freely.

There are many ways to clear space.

  • Group like things together and choose that which you love most, releasing the rest as in the Konmari method.

  • Clear one space at a time, focusing on unclogging that drawer, counter, or room and then moving to the next.

  • Create 4 boxes to help you sort into keep, donate, trash, and repair.

All of these methods work with diligence. My preferred method for myself and my family is to map my home and find our clutter hot spots. I call them splinters, small pain points where things take up residence temporarily and then become too comfortable and move in permanently.

The primary clutter makers in my home are paperwork, clothing, dishes, projects, books and toys. These things tend to clump together in the same sticky spots in my home and it's easy for me to map out our splinters: the island in the kitchen, the floor of the boys' bedroom, the bathroom floor, my desk area, the entrance from the garage, the garage itself, and the family car.

In feng shui, each of these areas correspond to a part of our happiness: our health, family, abundance, sense of self, partnerships, creativity, travel, work, and self-cultivation. When the chi is able to meander, it nourishes and enriches these areas, and when the clutter clogs these areas they stagnate and wither.

Clearing the clutter from these spots can improve the flow of energy in these areas of our home and our lives. For a quick fix try out these 10 Feng Shui strategies to wake up sleepy chi and make space at home. You'll energize your space and create a better flow of chi with these 10 simple steps (hint: some are as simple as turning on the lights).

Want to find the areas that correspond to your own clutter hot spots? Sign up here to receive a complimentary bagua map and a video tutorial on how to use it.

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