Space clearing for the home + mind
As a mythology teacher turned feng shui practitioner, 
yoga + meditation teacher, I empower busy and brilliant women to make the physical and mental space for themselves and their dreams.
My Story
You've imagined the big dreams, now you're ready to shape your life.


You know that your thoughts, feelings, and actions become your reality. 
And you've built an impressive repertoire: added the magic of yoga and pranayama, worked on your mindset and released some old habits. You may have de-cluttered or attempted to discern if things have the ability to spark joy. 
Perhaps you've even felt a few sparks of clarity, but now you are ready for so much more.
You're ready to listen to that still voice, to pick up the scuttle and threads to weave a new story.


Yes! Our thoughts, emotions, words and actions become our reality.
Trace it back to Plato's forms, or find it as the foundational principle in modern approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy or the law of attraction. So many cultural and spiritual leaders are speaking this truth right now. It's why training the brain through meditation is so effective and why micro habit shifts create bold transformational change. 
Our habits of mind and behaviors create our lives.
In yoga, these habits of mind are called samskara, the habit grooves that are the product of our conditioning.
In neuroscience, we call them neural pathways, those networks running through the nervous system that communicate in a feedback loop. Repetition creates stronger networks, aka ruts,
just as effectively as a bit of water grew the trench that became the Grand Canyon.
I'm not worried about your mind being in the gutter, but let's get that gutter out of your mind.
Let's follow this to the next level. Our physical environments are the product of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Our homes reflect these  grooves manifested, 
but then they create our next round of thoughts, emotions, words and actions. 
Your physical environment can be a super-charged affirmation of everything you want, your dreams and desires,
or it can keep you stuck, repeating the same old patterns. Spiral up or spiral down.  
Feng Shui has been around for over 5000 years and flips the switch, working backwards to support your vision.