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1Day Feng Shui

Coming Soon, a quick guide to making home feel better fast! 


Think you don't have time for Feng Shui?  Try 1Day Feng Shui and feel the difference a few targeted changes can make. 

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The 5 Element Fix

Want to know how to transform your space with things you already own?  


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Make Yourself At Home

These 8 sessions are designed to empower you with the tools and principles of Feng Shui, to transform your relationship with your home, and to help you create something uniquely yours.  A home you love, that loves you back.  


Next live session begins

April 1, 2021 


JOY Meditation & Awareness Practice Certification Program

The Autumn meditation series is the chance to explore together our experiences of well-being and skillfully practice working with challenging emotions and the very human ways that we all suffer.

Guest Presenter

Breathe Together Yoga


7-9pm PST online