10 Quick Feng Shui Energy Shifts

Image by Lasse Møller

Sweep your front step

The entryway is considered the mouth of chi.  It's the gateway through which energy enters the home.  Sweeping stirs up settled sleepy or stagnant energy and wakes up the chi. Cleanliness allows beneficial chi to move into the home smoothly.


Image by SHOP SLO®

Make your bed


Chi loves meandering over tidy flat surfaces, so pull up the covers and fluff the pillows.  A made bed makes an entire room feel more cared for.

Image by Lasse Møller

Clean your door and hardware


While you're working that entryway, wipe down your front door and polish the hardware including doorknobs, knockers, hinges, and kick plates.  Chi gravitates to clean and well cared for, so attract it and pull it inside.  If your front door sticks at all, oil those hinges.


Shine a light

Light is an important chi enhancer, so let's get those lumens lit.  Turn on all your lights even if it's daytime.  As you flick switches and turn knobs, imagine all the ways that your home uplifts and supports you. 

Image by Jude Beck
Image by Sven Mieke


Clear a table

More flat surfaces for chi to roam across, unfettered: choose to clear a desk, a coffee table, ottoman, console or dining table.  Put things away, wipe surfaces down, and decide what items are essentials to keep out and what might live elsewhere.  

Image by Natalia Figueredo


Open curtains + windows

Let in the sunshine and fresh air! Natural light and clean air are mood boosters, uplifting the energy and clearing stagnation.  Even in winter, circulating indoor air is important for healthy chi.

Image by Huy Phan

Dust and water plants


If you are working these shifts as a checklist, pause here.  

Take a slow inhalation down into your belly while you count to 3, hold the inhalation for 1, then exhale for a count of 4.  Repeat 3x

Another important energy enhancer, plants contribute their chi so time to give them a little love and attention.  Check for dry soil, dusty or spent leaves.  If you'd like to give them a special treat, try a light misting in the shower.

Home stretch!

Pause and grab a glass of water.  Drink it slowly and savor a few minutes of rest before you finish these quick shifts.  You are doing great!


Check your stove top


Those burners are associated with your ability to provide sustenance, so clear anything you've stored here, wipe down all surfaces, and turn on your burners and give a little gratitude to the chi that gathers here. Turn the burners off and try to keep this area clear moving forward.

Pot on Gas Burner

Notice your clutter patterns

Pay attention to where things collect, even taking the time to make a list or mark it on a rough sketch of the layout of your home.  Recognizing the places where things get "sticky" will help you analyze your space effectively with the Bagua map (download here).  No need to fix yet, just notice.

Image by Ashim D’Silva

Write out an intention

You've taken the time to refresh the energy flowing through your home.  Now consider how you'd like that energy to show up and support you.  Write out a sentence or two as if it's already happened, expressing your gratitude.  If you've printed out that bagua map, go to the area associated and place that intention somewhere no one will find it, but you'll know it's there.  Think about under a lamp, in a drawer, behind a photo.  It's a secret between just you and the Universe.  As you pass by your hiding spot in the next few days remember to call up that gratitude, maybe even blow a little kiss.

Image by Mandy von Stahl


Now give yourself a round of applause (literally, the sound activates sleepy chi) and then wash your hands.

Break time!

If you'd like a copy of these quick shifts as a printable pdf, I've got your back right HERE. xo