Ready to Find Your Shine?

learn the fundamentals of integrated well-being for your mind, body and home



It's easy to get and stay stuck

We've all been there:

Tired and overwhelmed, reliving the same patterns day after day. 

Doing the same old thing, yet wishing for a different result.  Thinking if only I knew better, then I could do better.

Learn how to anchor simple consistent shifts into your environment and routines, creating the structures and supports you need to 

break free and step into your shine.

Restore radiance to your everyday


feng shui


Integrated well-being for mind, body and home

Love that feeling after savasana?

That delicious connection to your best and truest self?

Unified with spirit, deeply at ease in your authenticity,

rested and radiant,

simultaneously grounded and free

Then you leave the mat and "real life" re-emerges

As you start rushing from refresh to re-engage, you wonder:

where did all that powerful connection and clarity go?


Certified Feng Shui consultant

Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training in yoga, Ayurveda and meditation

Certified wellness educator

Comparative Mythologist

Wish you could bring that om home?

Learn how to renew:

Image by Austin Neill

Your Mind

Steady and connected to spirit, fully present to create and manifest your singular vision

Image by Olia Nayda

Your Health

Relaxed and vibrant, filled with vitality, with the margin to give and receive abundance, love and joy

Image by Kari Shea
Feng Shui

Your Home

Uniquely arranged to shift energy into reality, support your intentions, and hold space for your purpose




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Let's Make Some Magic

10 Quick Feng Shui Shifts

Move that chi,

align your habitat to your truth,

creating an environmental affirmation that supports 

your big dreams

and little wishes

Breathe Joyfully

Print this complimentary Bagua map and check out how

the areas of your habitat

reflect the areas of your life.  

See where your mindset and environment might need a shift to support and align to your intentions


Guided Meditation

Take that expansive feeling

with you! 

Tune in to this

guided variation of a

loving-kindness meditation

any time you need

a mood boost


Start the Journey

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Quick and Simple:

*How to read and lay a bagua map

*Common bagua map challenges and solutions

*How to customize the bagua map

to the shape of your space 

*Easy enhancements to make today  


Recent Posts

What is a 

Modern Maenad?

Maenads were a mythological sisterhood, a circle of women dedicated to the Greek god Dionysus

(whose worship is often associated with Shiva).

They roamed the landscape, uprooting trees and old paradigms, celebrating the cycle of transformation,

dismantling and deconstructing that which no longer served, creating spaciousness and freedom from restriction.

Modern Maenads combine the best practices from modern science and the ancient wisdom traditions to transform restrictive energy and patterns.

We true up our 

with our essential selves to create integrated well-being. We do the archetypal dance of destruction and creation,

metabolizing the old and birthing the new.

We balance the mundane with the inspired, creating new paradigms and pathways, aligned to shine.

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