About me

I'm essentially a matchmaker, reconnecting womxn with their own sweet, sacred selves. I'm a teacher, speaker, author, and mentor focused on:   


  • creating heart-centered homes that celebrate authenticity and magnify abundance and joy.


  • exploring expansive and inspired spaciousness in the mind, releasing old paradigms, finding freedom, and creating inner sanctuaries.

  • finding paths back to the body, to soulful embodiment, and practices for the senses.

  • remembering our stories: the ones that bring us to the depth and fullness of ourselves, so that we remember our passion and our purpose--the juicy vivifying stories of the divine feminine.

I'm trained and certified in a range of modalities and traditions: Feng Shui practitioner, RYT-500 yoga teacher, meditation researcher and trainer, womxn's wellness educator, with a teaching credential and years spent studying and teaching archetypal mythology.  

More importantly, I've lived this work.

I was born into a dysfunctional family where addiction and violence were the norm, frequently moving in the middle of the night to safety. I was often left with relatives to weather the stormy relationship between my parents. I attended 9 schools between kindergarten and high school graduation, but found my way to college (where I took my first yoga and meditation class) and the beginning of a new way of life.

Practicing meditation, Feng Shui and yoga for over 25 years, along with a passion for mythology that bloomed in the third grade, I've reunified my mind, body, and home with my heart.  

Now I teach transformation.  

The Maenads were a mythological sisterhood, a circle of women dedicated to the Greek god Dionysus (whose worship is often associated with Shiva). Known for their ecstatic cavorting in the wilderness, these women deconstructed old paradigms and created new spaciousness, celebrating the cycle of rebirth.


As Modern Maenads we call our beloved selves back home. We align our minds, bodies, and homes with our essential selves, 

creating integrated well-being. Using the tools of modern science and ancient wisdom traditions, we practice the art of creating a home for the spirit.  


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