English teacher turned Modern Maenad

mythologist to space clearer and healer

mom to mystic

transformation is my jam

A few of my favorite things

Treasured collections:

National Park stamps,

classic books, and BIG earrings

Favorite mischief makers:

My boys 

Thankful for:

Mural hunting, karate lessons, hot buttered popcorn + movies with my Star Wars-obsessed crew

Sweetness herself:


Healthiest habit:

practicing yoga since 1992,

certified to teach since 2017

Gratitude for my Teachers

In many traditions it is customary to acknowledge the lineage of your teachers and I have been incredibly blessed to benefit from the wisdom of numerous guides: 


My feng shui certification was with Erica Sofrina, founder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui, who introduced me to the five elements and the impact of our physical surroundings on our well being.  She shared her belief that the traditions of feng shui could be adapted to support and enrich modern life, shaping the energy that nurtures us.  Feng shui was my first introduction to the art of manifestation.


I've practiced yoga since 1992, taking my first class with Lars Caughlan, who also introduced me to meditation and mountaineering. I became certified to teach yoga in 2017 with Jenn Prugh, an inspirational creator, generous teacher, and masterful guide on the journey toward joy.  I continued to study under her guidance, earning my 500 hour certification in 2019, focusing my studies on the neuroscience research substantiating the benefits of meditation.


I studied wellness, functional nutrition, and brain chemistry with the gracious Lisa Grace Byrne from Well Grounded Life, learning how make lasting, subtle and powerful shifts in my health and habits.  I'm also grateful to Ayurvedic practitioner Jana Kilgore, who introduced me to Para Vak, taught me about the healing power of real food, and gave me a foundational understanding of Ayurveda, and to Yoga Therapist and author Dr. Timothy McCall​ for recognizing my power, giving me the opportunity to tell my story, and encouraging me to commit to the practices that freed my voice.  

I spent 5 years studying comparative mythology with the incomparable Dr. Harvey Birenbaum, author of Myth and Mind, who taught me about how the symbols of mythology can transform us and who inspired me as a teacher, writer, and human being. He oversaw my research on Dionysis and Shiva, introduced me to Mwindo and Inanna, and motivated me to develop a growth mindset through study and reflection on the Hero's Journey.  

For their wisdom and generosity, I am deeply grateful.

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