Get started now! Complimentary Bagua map printable and video tutorial HERE

love the home you have, create the life you want

It's easy to get and stay stuck.


We've all been there:

tired and overwhelmed,

cranky with the cluttered home and the over-stuffed calendar, 

living in the suburbs of ourselves rather than from our very center. 


Doing the same old thing, yet wishing for a different result.

It's time to disrupt the patterns and create some breathing space.  

Time for more vitality and steadiness,

for the room to give and receive abundance, love, and joy.

Let's put up the no vacancy sign and move back to center.


It's time to break free and step into your best life.

Get started now! Complimentary Bagua map printable and video tutorial HERE

Our homes are an often neglected aspect of aligning to our best and manifesting our finest, and in order to reside in our truth and joy 

we need an integrated approach to well-being that addresses

where we reside: our home, body, mind, spirit.

I'm a certified Feng Shui consultant, a registered yoga teacher with over 500 hours of training in yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation, and a certified wellness instructor with an M.A. in Education and a background in comparative mythology.

I practice Feng Shui from the intersection of these practices and traditions, with an understanding of how our homes, bodies, minds, and spirits are 



Together, we clear away the energy blockages in our homes to open up 

and expand. We true up our essential selves and new opportunities unfold, new circumstances manifest.


Empower yourself with the tools to love the home you have and create the life you want.

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