making magic

at home

with Feng Shui


Your home, transformed 

"What is your inside is your outside,

And what you see on the outside,

You see revealed on the inside."

-- The Thunder, Perfect Mind 4:30-31

Make Yourself at Home: an online course in feng shui basics

Thursdays, June 18th -- August 6th 2020

8 sessions designed to empower you with the tools and principles of feng shui,

to transform your relationship with your home,

and help you create something uniquely yours. 

A home you love, that loves you back.

Together we’ll uncover:


1. Feng Shui Speed Dating to Find Your Ideal Type

The traditions and schools of feng shui and how to find “the one” for you


2. Know Your Yin From Your Yang 

Creating your just right yin-yang balance


3. Playing Rock Paper Scissors With the 5 Elements

The constructive and destructive cycles of earth, metal, water, wood and fire


4. Allowing > Forcing

The subtleties of chi, clutter, splinters and cures


5. You Are Here: The Feng Shui Map and Compass

Applying the bagua map according to various traditions


6. Secrets of the Bagua Map (It’s Not Just About Where to Put All Your Stuff)

The bagua as mandala of the self: Revelations about money, sex, family and the divine


7. The Kitchen Is Not the Bedroom

How the function of a space changes its energy, even in multi-functional rooms


8. Putting It All Together

Craft and fine-tune your personalized plan with expert guidance


Get ready to rendezvous via Zoom each week, and there’ll be an optional closed Facebook group for sharing photos and encouragement.  Can’t wait to see you make yourself at home!

Practicing feng shui, meditation, and yoga for over 25 years, Jen aspires to understand the why behind the woo.  Clients claim she has “super powers”, but the real magic is in her skills as a compassionate observer.

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